Mar 24, 2009

Podcast #37 - We are NOT Milli Vanilli

Today we present you "Pohar's random picks of 2008 part I." episode.
And don't forget: We are NOT Milli Vanilli! ;)

01. KEiTO - Groove slut (unfinished desperate whore mix)
02. Corky - Italy's cool
03. Saga Musix - Timelord (Sundown Edit)
04. Kaneel - Douce tendre haine
05. mrwb - Lost in action
06. DC Clark - Sky phenomena
07. S Wave - Awaken
08. Stian K - Nostalgy
09. Shroomi - Facemelt
10. Doctor Retroid - Android girl
11. ko0x - Longrun (Sundown edit)

File 1: hardread_podcast_37_24032009.cue
File 2: hardread_podcast_37_24032009.mp3
Size: 41.014.839bytes (~40MB)
Lenght: 42:43min.


sagagames said...

Well, uhm, thanks for including my Track =)

sagagames said...

...although I would have preferred if this wasn't the Sundown edit, which sounds pretty terrible in comparison to the final mix. :)
If possible, could you update the cuesheet so the title for that tune would be "Timelord (Sundown Edit)"?
Thanks in Advance,

Hardread Podcast said...

cue fixed.
saga: we only have this version of your music.
sadly, there is no way to ask each composer about his tune (about new version, etc.) and we select the tunes from parties or other collections. and of course we download the latest available versions. this time these tunes were up-to-date on :)

sagagames said...

Nothing wrong with that really, guess it's more like a personal preference. And if people like the tune, they will stumble upon the final mix anyway.
Anyway, keep up the good work! :)

Supersonic88 said...

good new podcast once more ;:)

pohar said...

prepare for volume zwei!

Michael said...

great selection of tunes :)

torb_87 said...

What! There is a better version of Timelord? (looks up).


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