Feb 24, 2009

Podcast #36 - C64 SIDtunes only

The story of this episode:
Some weeks ago Clarence gave me a pack (~650 tunes) of his favourite C64 music. I listened to them today and found a lot of good old demotunes. I remember when i was 11-12 years old i listened to them a lot in various demoscene productions. My day went nostalgic, sometimes i wanted to shout "yeah, this is from demo 'xxxxx' and that is from 'yyyyy'!!!"...
Now i want to share this feeling with you.

I created a playlist and downloaded the tunes from SOASC. Well, Stone Oakvalley did a great job, he recorded all music from HVSC! Thank you for that!
SID versions are marked in the playlist, sometimes i used the SID which recommended by HVSC, sometimes i changed to the other chip (because my ears told me to do that)

01. Kristian, Elvind and Kjell - Gravefunk (6581R2)
02. The Syndrom - Cosmic style (8580R5)
03. Chubrock - Pulsar (8580R5)
04. Laxity - Waste III (6581R2)
05. Mixer - Hellraiser (6581R2)
06. Matrix - Sky Dance (8580R5)
07. Iron Cat - Enigma/PHA theme (6581R2)
08. Geir Tjelta and Trond Lindanger - Luminous (6581R2)
09. Metal - Tongil (8580R5)
10. Zardax - Zardax_03 (6581R2)
11. Eclipse - Void Tune 1 (8580R5)
12. Wizard - Powerful (8580R5)
13. Mitch and Dane - Archangel (8580R5)
14. Dane - Dalai (8580R5)
15. Drax - Pianoodle (6581R2)

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Lenght: 34:13min.

Feb 2, 2009

Podcast #35 - Happy new february

Here we go again, with the first podcast episode of 2009.
Quickly selected trancey-uplifting tunes with hot spicy flavour.

01. Bionika by Teo
02. Mr. Light by Chaser
03. Let's fly (Skyhigh)by BeeZerk
04. iksatgaydisco by Rebb
05. Rush by DaFunk
06. Temptation soundtrack by Vincenzo
07. 604 soundtrack by SynSun
08. Microdots by Man with no Alias

File 1: hardread_podcast_35_02022009.cue
File 2: hardread_podcast_35_02022009.mp3
Size: 32.149.905bytes (~30MB)
Lenght: 33:29min.