Jan 19, 2008

Podcast #27 - Best compotunes from 2007 - part 2

As we promised, here is the next part of our selection from 2007' music competitions.

Podcast #27 - Tunes from compos - 2007 - part 2
01. Cologne by Dominei
02. Rotterdam'87 by Virtaava
03. Butterflies by Nexus
04. The bounce by Opad
05. Casa musica by Evil
06. Want by Dick Flacid
07. Remember this day by Edzes
08. Blue mist jungle by Speak
09. Overload by byProduct
10. Mezzy thing by Salome

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Lenght: 41:15min.

Jan 11, 2008

Podcast #26 - Happy new year!

Hello and welcome in 2008! In this episode we selected tunes from music competitions. It seems like we will make another part of it, because there was a lot of good music back in 2007. So, be prepared for the next episode!

Podcast #26 - Tunes from compos - 2007
01. Me Chalice by Dq feat. Scrapingmicha
02. Commando by Kaktusen feat. Ras Stevens
03. Fire desire by Jay
04. Electric sheep (Solskogen edit) by Xni
05. Next generation (very compo edit) by Little Bitchard
06. Wikkid riddim by neXus
07. Raw attraction by Ilmarque feat laamaa
08. Funk'R'Us by Edzes and Malmen
09. We are the overlords of space... by Hi-Dine
10. Take me tonight by Rebb
11. Fuckin' aye reloaded by Paniq and Gary J. Hung

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Lenght: 38:51min.