Jun 22, 2006

New PODcast

The second Hardread PODcast is downloadable!

01. Tancolunk (We dance) C64 by Louie
02. Coffee Blues 2 by Chorus and Sid
03. FUNkey beatnoise by Digital Pain
04. Whisky and Saxophone by Carlos
05. Spirit soundtrack by Kvazar
06. Dive soundtrack by S.Roger
07. Razorback (Unreal remix) by Skaven
08. Haugyjobb soundtrack by TowerX
09. K-wak soundtrack by Basehead
10. The popular demo by Wayfinder

File: hardread_podcast_02_22062006.mp3
Size: 32.415.774bytes (~31MB)
Lenght: 33:45min.

Jun 15, 2006

First PODcasting

Our first PODcast is downloadable!

01. Second Reality C64 part 1 by KB
02. Second Reality C64 part 2 by KB
03. Second Reality C64 part 3 by KB
04. Second Reality C64 part 4 by KB
05. Xpanded Spectrum by DaFunk
06. Skygrinder by Sampi
07. SEX by Sly Spy
08. The 3rd Dimension soundtrack by Mephizto
09. Soha mar by Xenophobe
10. Variform vocoder rap remix by Little Bitchard

File: hardread_podcast_01_15062006.mp3
Size: 31.969.280bytes (~30MB)
Lenght: 33:18min.

Jun 14, 2006

We started!

Finally we started to create a PODcast site. Clap your hands!

We are Hardread - pohar and vincenzo.
This is a totally free demoscene music collection, we choose from the unique ones and all time favourites. Our goal is to entertain you with the finest demoscene related musics. We hope we can release new podcasts in every week.

Thank You for visiting and listenin' us!