Oct 5, 2006

Something unusual...?

Podcast #10 - "Do you have any idea???"

01. The little green frog by Ript
02. Pipi by Nagz
03. Syndrome mob by Traven
04. .uralvolga fine. by Bruno (thanks for the info Kreca)
05. Kogut Polski by Dreamer
06. Folx-wagen by Dreamer
07. Humpty dumpty by Scorpik
08. Heo, spann den wagen an by Code Red
09. Girls, girls, girls by Chanel5
10. I've got 2 legs by Falcon
11. Suck my dick, bitch by ???
12. Arbeiten by Vincenzo feat. Kubu

File: hardread_podcast_10_05102006.mp3
Size: 23.521.408bytes (~22MB)
Lenght: 24:29min.

Download the KONF10.txt - with the words of Sam.