Feb 13, 2008

Podcast #29 - Pohar's favourite tunes

Today's podcast episode is real unique, because Pohar selected tunes from his all-time-favourite-playlist, Vincenzo just mixed them into a big mass.

Podcast #29 - Pohar's favourite tunes
01. Turtle by Romeo Knight
02. Route 1066 by KEiTO
03. The built in morality of a fighter bomber jet by Interphace
04. Take a deep breath by Kaktusen
05. Techlow by Willbe
06. Glorified by Sumo Lounge and Halik
07. Media error soundtrack by Sulphur
08. World domination by Odd
09. V chipcore by Lug00ber

File 1: hardread podcast 29.cue
File 2: hardread podcast 29.mp3
Size: 32.364.338bytes (~30MB)
Lenght: 33:42min.

Feb 4, 2008

Podcast #28 - Best demotunes from 2007

It was hard to select the best of the bests, maybe we failed. But now, here is the next episode of Hardread Podcast with demotunes from 2007.
Have fun!

Podcast #28 - Demotunes from 2007
01. 8bit wonderland by Dq
02. It's red outside by Osmic
03. Stellar evolution by Dixan and Little Bitchard
04. Kasaria pukkaa by Buzzer
05. Zenith by Art J and KPS
06. Sunstreek by Chromag
07. U smiled me by Neurokin
08. Spacemail by Preston
09. Blockparty by Dual Core
10. Discotufs by Lug00ber
11. Interphaze by Flipside
12. Evoid droid by Gloom and Flipside
13. Gamma by Irvin

File 1: hardread podcast 28.cue
File 2: hardread podcast 28.mp3
Size: 41.676.886bytes (~40MB)
Lenght: 43:24min.