Oct 22, 2007

Podcast #22 and #23 - Function2007 live!

Hello again!

This time we have two special releases. 21-23 October 2007, Budapest, Hungary. There has been a great party called Function 2007. We were there and we made some interviews with the visitors.

This two episodes contain only the hungarian interviews!

The other episode - containing the interviews with the foreign visitors will be released @ Bitjam Podcast in the near future.

Interviewed persons are: Irene, Ziona, Gargaj, Inno, Slyspy, Archee, Jimmi, SP, Ketyere, Aha, ADT, Xenophobe, Sir Moak, Mercenary, Kisjuni and his pal, Reptile, BoyC, and a girl from Nav'n'go :)
Thank you!

Featured artists: Ziona, Slyspy, Woland, Rc55, V0yager, SP, Traymuss, RiaN, Fegolhuzz, Dipswitch, Deansdale, Xenophobe, Sampi, ForceQ, Myx, Teo, Sir Moak, Nagz, Kafboy, Marti, Pocok!prodz ;)

File 1: hdpodcast function live part1.cue
File 2: hdpodcast function live part1.mp3
Size: 45.199.488bytes (~42MB)
Lenght: 47:04min.

File 3: hdpodcast function live part2.cue
File 4: hdpodcast function live part2.mp3
Size: 37.216.384bytes (~35MB)
Lenght: 38:45min.