Mar 29, 2007

The 2nd cooperation podcast with

Podcast #14 - Cooperation #2

01. Sonic beam by Xcessive
02. Melting sunbeam by Shaman
03. Sunday by Anorganik
04. Jungle by Deansdale
05. Supreme rock by Lunatic
06. The soused dog by Sinus and Sly Spy
07. Billy was a hippy by Vincenzo
08. Yellow by Trajic
09. Slack style by Snotty
10. Howling by Kvazar
11. Tribute 2 Kvazar by Puddy
12. Phuq da masses by Zooley
13. Firg 2000 by Firg
14. Szo:rp in da usza'j by Boyz!Beach

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Lenght: 44:24min.

Mar 21, 2007

Random text

Finally, we are back. Did You miss us? We hope so! :)
This time we cooperated with - The Hungarian Demoscene Portal.
The newest episode of Hardread Podcast contains only pure Hungarian scenemusic.
Download, listen and have fun!


Podcast #13 - Cooperation #1

01. Looser by Vil
02. Back in 1999 by d4m4g3
03. Liquid Noyz by Mephizto
04. Last try to stay alive by Just
05. Heart of Congo by Shaman
06. Vicious circle by TowerX
07. BX0 Soundtrack by Mondsüchtige
08. Explosiv by Teo
09. Visitors by Effron
10. Extinct species by Archon
11. Valaki kurva gonosz by Nagz
12. Soha már by Xenophobe

File: hd_podcast_feat_scenehu_13_21032007.mp3
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Lenght: 42:31min.