Jan 30, 2011

Hardread Podcast #44 - Arman Behdad (Intensity) Tribute

The news of Arman’s passing has generated waves of sadness all around the world, its clear from the outpouring of grief from all that knew him just how much this kind and generous person touched all those who came into contact with him over the years and we wanted to, in our own small way, create a tribute to Arman and his music here at BitFellas.
When we remember Arman it will be with a smile as a very talented musician with a great sense of humour, who always gave us a bit of a lift if we were feeling down. Arman was also very kind and supportive to us at BitFellas over the years working on Jingles and Stingers for podcasts and giving us suggestions for mixes, poking fun at us when we needed it and just generally being a fantastic guy. We’ll really miss him.
In memoriam – Arman / Intensity

Sorely Missed,
With Love from All at BitFellas and Hardread

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