Nov 13, 2007

Podcast #24 - Random Mode ON!

Randomly selected tunes, just for fun, just for keepin' HD Podcast alive \o/

Podcast #24 - /me sets mode +random on
01. Hedelmaesalaattia by G-Crest and Maza
02. Curry by Loonie
03. Mountain of fluff by Mystical
04. Live at Stage 9 by Laxity
05. Good thing by Tito
06. Sun Jammer remake by The Miracle
07. Superglam by Radix
08. Energia (Planar remix) by Necros
09. Realtime demo wannabe soundtrack by D fast, en5ca, Jordy Timmermans
10. Wicked cabaret posse by Willbe

File 1: hardread podcast 24.cue
File 2: hardread podcast 24.mp3
Size: 34.099.328bytes (~32MB)
Lenght: 35:31min.