Nov 16, 2006

Finally (?) we're here again

Podcast #11 - "I... Feel... something..."

01. Autospace2 by Just
02. Candy girl by aMove & Velvet
03. Sodassa (Falafel5000) by Jugi
04. Sascha (Vip3 edit) by Willbe
05. Sunrise by Axel
06. Ethereal by Solarkid
07. Nasty things by Virgill
08. Your time by Limbod
09. Catch that Goblin by Skaven
10. The Goblin returns by Skaven
11. Valley of the past by Firestorm

File: hardread_podcast_11_16112006.mp3
Size: 32.243.712bytes (~31MB)
Lenght: 33:35min.

Nov 5, 2006

We are not dead

The PodCast is not dead. It's just resting...