Feb 13, 2008

Podcast #29 - Pohar's favourite tunes

Today's podcast episode is real unique, because Pohar selected tunes from his all-time-favourite-playlist, Vincenzo just mixed them into a big mass.

Podcast #29 - Pohar's favourite tunes
01. Turtle by Romeo Knight
02. Route 1066 by KEiTO
03. The built in morality of a fighter bomber jet by Interphace
04. Take a deep breath by Kaktusen
05. Techlow by Willbe
06. Glorified by Sumo Lounge and Halik
07. Media error soundtrack by Sulphur
08. World domination by Odd
09. V chipcore by Lug00ber

File 1: hardread podcast 29.cue
File 2: hardread podcast 29.mp3
Size: 32.364.338bytes (~30MB)
Lenght: 33:42min.


Gargaj said...

Media Error soundtrack was done by Sulphur / Orange

Hardread Podcast said...

thanks for the info!