Apr 6, 2008

#30? Yes! Jubilee \o/

Hello and welcome to the new Hardread Podcast page!
First of all, a VERY BIG THANK YOU goes to KF for our brand-new logo. THANKS, dude!

So, here we are again, and we reached the 30th episode!
Woah, that's not bad, eh?

And we have another news:
Together with Bitfellas we celebrate the 30th episode with playing the two podcast after each other this evening.

Start your favourite media player and tune in!

And now, our playlist will follow, as usual (the links are pointing to the Bitfellas site) :
01. Atrium 4k soundtrack by Puryx
02. Fight for delight by Skyrunner
03. Gib gas by JCO
04. Kleiner muck by Kakiarts
05. Gimme that glass, Philip! by Slyspy
06. Sort of a Dreamscape (Donuts soundtrack) by D Fast
07. The lotus variation by Xerxes
08. Frozen rain by Nightbeat
09. Floppy disco by Buzzer
10. Dreaming snowdrop by Masterfaker
11. Defilibration by bstrr and Moebious
12. Interstellar soundtrack by Vincenzo
13. Nano by Teo

File 1: hardread_podcast_30_06042008.cue
File 2: hardread_podcast_30_06042008.mp3
Size: 43.941.807 (~41MB)
Lenght: 45:46


Gargaj said...

"Donuts soundtrack" is actually "Sort of a Dreamscape" by D Fast :)

Hardread Podcast said...

thanks, fixed :)

Tob said...

Hey! I love hardread podcast! I subscribed to the rss feed in iTunes. Strangely, iTunes started complaining that it cannot locate the mp3s on the server. I suppose this has something to do with the redirection. Could you look into that?

Keep on rocking!

Hardread Podcast said...

hey tob!
thanks for your feedback :)
sadly, i can't change the redirection, because we got the webspace on a friend's server. i will ask him about this problem and propably he could do something with it.