Apr 27, 2008

BitJam Podcast #33 feat. Hardread

Today, together with Bitfellas we released a new podcast. This time uner the name BitJam Podcast and this is the 33th episode in the row.

01. Delta Remix 2001 by Bluejooz
02. Hux Flux Deluxe by Random
03. Redemption 6.4 by Intensity
04. Binary flow C64 cover by Vincenzo
05. Dopus by Archon
06. Know me by KEiTO
07. Ma petite fleur by Radix
08. Brother in the sky by Chromag
09. Voodoo by Chromag
10. Texture of destiny by DQ
11. Vesztohely telen by Xenophobe
12. Out the exits by Lug00ber
13. Project 11 (An Angels love) by Hazel
14. State of mind by JCO
15. Cheddar remix by Man With No Alias, 1in10 and Irschtas

File 1: bitjam_33.cue
File 2: bitjam_33.mp3
Total playtime: 1:02:22min.

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