Feb 24, 2009

Podcast #36 - C64 SIDtunes only

The story of this episode:
Some weeks ago Clarence gave me a pack (~650 tunes) of his favourite C64 music. I listened to them today and found a lot of good old demotunes. I remember when i was 11-12 years old i listened to them a lot in various demoscene productions. My day went nostalgic, sometimes i wanted to shout "yeah, this is from demo 'xxxxx' and that is from 'yyyyy'!!!"...
Now i want to share this feeling with you.

I created a playlist and downloaded the tunes from SOASC. Well, Stone Oakvalley did a great job, he recorded all music from HVSC! Thank you for that!
SID versions are marked in the playlist, sometimes i used the SID which recommended by HVSC, sometimes i changed to the other chip (because my ears told me to do that)

01. Kristian, Elvind and Kjell - Gravefunk (6581R2)
02. The Syndrom - Cosmic style (8580R5)
03. Chubrock - Pulsar (8580R5)
04. Laxity - Waste III (6581R2)
05. Mixer - Hellraiser (6581R2)
06. Matrix - Sky Dance (8580R5)
07. Iron Cat - Enigma/PHA theme (6581R2)
08. Geir Tjelta and Trond Lindanger - Luminous (6581R2)
09. Metal - Tongil (8580R5)
10. Zardax - Zardax_03 (6581R2)
11. Eclipse - Void Tune 1 (8580R5)
12. Wizard - Powerful (8580R5)
13. Mitch and Dane - Archangel (8580R5)
14. Dane - Dalai (8580R5)
15. Drax - Pianoodle (6581R2)

File 1: hardread_podcast_36_24022009.cue
File 2: hardread_podcast_36_24022009.mp3
Size: 32.863.799bytes (~31MB)
Lenght: 34:13min.


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nice flashback :)

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