Feb 2, 2009

Podcast #35 - Happy new february

Here we go again, with the first podcast episode of 2009.
Quickly selected trancey-uplifting tunes with hot spicy flavour.

01. Bionika by Teo
02. Mr. Light by Chaser
03. Let's fly (Skyhigh)by BeeZerk
04. iksatgaydisco by Rebb
05. Rush by DaFunk
06. Temptation soundtrack by Vincenzo
07. 604 soundtrack by SynSun
08. Microdots by Man with no Alias

File 1: hardread_podcast_35_02022009.cue
File 2: hardread_podcast_35_02022009.mp3
Size: 32.149.905bytes (~30MB)
Lenght: 33:29min.


Johan said...

Always looking forward to your new episodes. great stuff! But where do i find the feed address to subscribe to your podcast in itunes (or any other ipod program)? Thanks!

supergrishy said...

You are the best dudes! Regards from Spain.

Hardread Podcast said...

hi guys,

thanks for your feedback!

try this url to subscribe to rss:

Johan said...

Thanks for the rss adress.. the feed shows the posts in the podcast section when i add it.. but somehow it does not understand that its suppose to download any mp3:s :/