Apr 15, 2009

Podcast #38 - Breakpoint 2009 demo/intro tunes

Breakpoint 2009 is over now, it was a great party with great releases (erhm... almost...do you remember the PC democompo...?).
Today's podcast episode is a selection of demo and introtunes released at BP2009.
Next episode with music competition entries will follow in a few days, so be prepared!

01. Maytz - Luminagia soundtrack (Amiga 4k intro)
02. Booster - Sult soundtrack (PC 4k intro)
03. Chromag - The white room soundtrack (PC 64k intro)
04. Xerxes - On base percentage (PC demo)
05. Bit Arts - No more tomorrow (PC demo)
06. Puryx - Elevated soundtrack (PC 4k intro)
07. Chaser - Lightshaft soundtrack (Amiga demo)
08. Sincl - Conscoius of blue (PC demo)
09. Oliver Beach - PC03 Panda trance part 1. (PC demo)
10. Oliver Beach - PC03 Panda trance part 2. (PC demo)
11. Traymuss - Crush soundtrack (PC demo)
12. Puryx - Sonoluminescence (PC demo)
13. Takomo - Mobula - Biostris soundtrack (PC demo)
14. Slyspy - Vanfin - Freedom from state (PC demo)
15. Esau, Zickbone, Lance - Jesus Christ motocross (Amiga demo)

File 1: hardread_podcast_38_15042009.cue
File 2: hardread_podcast_38_15042009.mp3
Size: 65.811.312bytes (~64MB)
Lenght: 45:42min.


Supersonic88 said...

the tunes are awesome, great podcast !!!!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed alot tunes r marvellous.
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