Oct 9, 2009

Podcast #41 - Assembly 2009 compilation

After a long silence, blah, blah, blah.
Well, nothing to say. We released a new podcast episode.
Blah, blah, download and listen. Go!

01. Everdune - Quantum Speed
02. Signal - Lost Bytes
03. Dj Joge - Back To Basics
04. Minomus - Severity of Grey soundtrack
05. Olman Brothers - Pump my Porn (Tenda rmx)
06. Shroomi - Solarians
07. Glxblt - Saw
08. Rtzon King - Sovietski Electro
09. Skygge - Siberian Flying Squirrel
10. Slyspy - The Golden Path soundtrack
11. King Thrill - Irish Rain
12. Ssyrjanen Jkalilainen - Ride The Wind
13. Aikapallo - Ninja Sisters

File 1: hardread_podcast_41_09102009.cue
File 2: hardread_podcast_41_09102009.mp3
Size: 65.619.469bytes (~64MB)
Lenght: 45:34min.


Eduárd István said...

Boys, since maybe I'm a n00b and don't find any contact link, I'll write here: If I try to listen this podcast on a podcast-enabled device, I only get 0 sized files, which is really vad, because I really like Your work. Am I missing something?

Hardread Podcast said...

what does it mean "podcast enabled device"...?
well, we use the blogspot rss service, and it always includes a link to mp3 files. i don't really know what could be the problem, maybe you should try to download mp3 (and cue) files and copy them to your device manually.

Eddie said...

Well, it actually is a Nokia e-series phone with a podcast application. If I add the RSS of the page, it displays the titles fine, it shows that the file format is .MP3, but it shows that the size is 0 bytes. The interesting part: I cannot even download the mp3 from the device's browser, it does not download correctly. Maybe the problem is at Google :)

Some ideas: You can always get old music, for a baby everything's new :) Keith303's work for example, the Stage 9 musicdisk as I already heard on episode 24 IIRC, it has some other great songs too. Last time I was cleaning up the flat, I listened Hardread (I just discovered it recently) and I just heard that I know these melodies :) I realized why: It was "Live at Stage 9", I heard it back in the early 2000s when I had only a 486 and instead of MP3s I listened Fasttracker modules off some hungarian Chip Magazin/Computer Panoráma CDs :)

I really love to listen to Your music in the car for example, it's never boring like the radio (here in Transylvania at least, when I go to Hungary, I always have something to listen to :)), it took a little for my girlfriend to get used to C64 music, but it's OK :)
It would be necessary a little more propaganda, I discovered Hardread from a comment from HUP.hu, but I have friends who like it too.
Keep up the good work, guys, don't let Hardread dissappear!

Hardread Podcast said...

i double checked the files on the server. they look okayish... i really don't know what could be the problem with the rss.

eddie, please drop me a mail:

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