Jun 21, 2009

Podcast #40 - SceneCON 2009 compilation

After a long silence. We. Are. Back. Again!
This time we mixed some SceneCON 2009 partytunes together.
Have fun!

01. Vincenzo - SceneCON 2009 invitation soundtrack
02. Xerxes - Jackpot
03. Agoston - Female 64k intro soundtrack
04. Teo - Junebug
05. tEiS - 4Cl4ry
06. Sinatra - Electric gumpop
07. Traymuss - Ne Gra Fia
08. Fcr - Cubolator soundtrack
09. Cardinal - Wayang soundtrack
10. Traymuss - Balladine soundtrack
11. Slyspy - Lice
12. SP - Drowning
13. Gargaj - Fractured impulse monolithic (SceneCON compo cut)
14. Slyspy - Rhythm soundtrack

File 1: hardread_podcast_40_21062009.cue
File 2: hardread_podcast_40_21062009.mp3
Size: 62.732.416bytes (~61MB)
Lenght: 43:33min.


Supersonic88 said...

nice varied compilation !!

Jonny Ram said...

Was that Traymuss track really submitted to the compo as a 24 min track? That's ridiculous! It sounds so good though :)

Jonny Ram said...

Sorry, please ignore the last comment. For some reason the cue file wasn't interpreted correctly so everything from track 8 onwards was played as a single track, and then played again individually once it had finished.

Hardread Podcast said...

thanks for the report, there were serious mistakes in the cue file. i just updated it, i hope everything is fine now. please re-download .cue file only!

Michael said...

Been missing you :)