Aug 31, 2006

Number 7. C64 SID music

Podcast #07 - "C64 SID music"

01. Mystery by Randy
02. Mixed tunes by Various artists
03. 8th frame by Jeff
04. Kkane by Vincent Merken aka Vip or _V_
05. Freestyler C64 by Agemixer
06. I can't dance C64 by P.R.I.
07. Altered states tune 1 (Paula Abdul cover) by Shoogoon
08. Groove by Thomas Danko
09. I got rythm by Carlos
10. Extasy by Daf
11. Blackout by Mitch and Dane

File: hardread_podcast_07_31082006.mp3
Size: 27.746.304bytes (~26MB)
Lenght: 28:54min.

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