Aug 19, 2006

The 6th Podcast released with SIDs and remixes!

Podcast #06 is out! - "C64 music and remixes - XXL podcast"

01. My number is 64 by Pvcf
02. Wooloop by Mindflow vs Dees
03. Comic bakery by Martin Galway vs Press Play On Tape
04. Robocop 3 by Jeroen Tel vs Mahoney
05. Hit 'n run by P.R.I. vs Moog
06. Crazy Comets by Rob Hubbard vs Sonic Wanderer
07. Bruce Lee by John A. Fitzpatrick vs Bart Klepka
08. Cobra by Ben Daglish vs Gibs
09. Sidology Episode 3 by Machinae Supremacy
10. Arte soundtrack by Moby vs Vincenzo
11. 911 by Jeroen Tel vs Mitch and Dane

File: hardread_podcast_06_19082006.mp3
Size: 54.362.112bytes (~53MB)
Lenght: 56:37min.

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