Jun 29, 2007

Guitar lessons in podcast

Podcast #19 - Guitar lessons. Yes, true.

01. Livin' insanity by Moby
02. Summer guitar by C-Jeff and Manwe
03. Little sweet guitar song by Drolix
04. Funkastar by Med
05. Stress the guitar (short) by ???
06. Barcelona by Soulbrigade
07. Guitar symphony by Cairbre
08. Bloody eye rock'n'roll by ForceQ
09. Electric beards and fake guitars by KiWi and Timo
10. Grease release by Sly Spy

File 1: hardread podcast 19.cue
File 2: hardread podcast 19.mp3
Size: 30.255.2326bytes (~29MB)
Lenght: 31:30min.

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