Jan 30, 2011

Hardread Podcast #44 - Arman Behdad (Intensity) Tribute

The news of Arman’s passing has generated waves of sadness all around the world, its clear from the outpouring of grief from all that knew him just how much this kind and generous person touched all those who came into contact with him over the years and we wanted to, in our own small way, create a tribute to Arman and his music here at BitFellas.
When we remember Arman it will be with a smile as a very talented musician with a great sense of humour, who always gave us a bit of a lift if we were feeling down. Arman was also very kind and supportive to us at BitFellas over the years working on Jingles and Stingers for podcasts and giving us suggestions for mixes, poking fun at us when we needed it and just generally being a fantastic guy. We’ll really miss him.
In memoriam – Arman / Intensity

Sorely Missed,
With Love from All at BitFellas and Hardread

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Apr 25, 2010

Hardread Podcast #43 - Breakpoint 2010 demo/music tunes

The best party of all times must be remembered with great reverence, and thus we continue paying tribute to the last Breakpoint with the second half of our musical compilation from the event, this time focusing on the demo and intro soundtracks from the party!

01. Slyspy and Pala (Rainbow Clash) - Wir Sind Einstein
02. OrchanProject - Orchid Beats
03. JazzCat - Metropolice
04. Ralf Wadephul - Para'N'Droid
05. Linus - Harden Your Horns
06. Aegis and Legend - 2latenight
07. Noisefever - Zcareplex Mk5
08. Varia - Agenda Circling Forth
09. Romeo Knight - Lucifer
10. Raiden (Sundial Aeon) - Vokawardoai
11. Wayfinder - Rove
12. Chaser - We come in Peace

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Apr 21, 2010

Hardread and BitJam podcast LIVE - part 2

You know what happens if i have too much free time?
Guess it. I mixed two podcasts again.
There were a lot of great releases at Breakpoint2010, so I had to make one more episode.

We usually release a new BitJam Podcast every Sunday, so it was obvious to make a LIVE premier again -as last week.

Don't forget the date: 25.04.2010 (Sunday)!

We will start with Hardread Podcast #43 at 20:00CET, then we will continue with BitJam Podcast #104 immediately.

Tune in: OGG or MP3 stream.

Apr 18, 2010

Podcast #42 - Breakpoint 2010 Music compo selection

Hardread Podcast #42 is here, as promised:

01. Surasshu - Beat the beat
02. Mice - Quest for Shrubbery
03. Axel, Lamb and Mystra - The last Currywurst
04. T-101 - Mountain gate
05. Reed - Flamethrower
06. Pinza - Human programming
07. Xni - Kites (BP Edit)
08. Ko0x - D├ęculottage
09. Teo - Fractal warrior
10. Romeo Knight - Steam, water, soil
11. Vincenzo - Rush
12. AceMan - Unreachable
13. Jazz - No tomorrow
14. Puryx - Disrupt
15. Glxblt - Fuck on the floor
16. Chaser - Petarda

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Apr 15, 2010

"Return of the real" - Double podcast evening at BitJam Radio!

Hardread Podcast is back! Again! :)
Together with BitFellas, we will blast the air with a double podcast feature on Sunday, 18.04.2010!

We will start at 20:00 CET with
Hardread Podcast #42 - Breakpoint 2010 Music compo entries, then we will continue with
BitJam Podcast #103 - Rock around the Bit episode.

Tune in and have fun!

Mar 12, 2010


The Hardread Podcast is almost dead. At least, we don't have any idea about releasing date of a new episode. Life is hard.

Oct 9, 2009

Podcast #41 - Assembly 2009 compilation

After a long silence, blah, blah, blah.
Well, nothing to say. We released a new podcast episode.
Blah, blah, download and listen. Go!

01. Everdune - Quantum Speed
02. Signal - Lost Bytes
03. Dj Joge - Back To Basics
04. Minomus - Severity of Grey soundtrack
05. Olman Brothers - Pump my Porn (Tenda rmx)
06. Shroomi - Solarians
07. Glxblt - Saw
08. Rtzon King - Sovietski Electro
09. Skygge - Siberian Flying Squirrel
10. Slyspy - The Golden Path soundtrack
11. King Thrill - Irish Rain
12. Ssyrjanen Jkalilainen - Ride The Wind
13. Aikapallo - Ninja Sisters

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Lenght: 45:34min.

Jun 21, 2009

Podcast #40 - SceneCON 2009 compilation

After a long silence. We. Are. Back. Again!
This time we mixed some SceneCON 2009 partytunes together.
Have fun!

01. Vincenzo - SceneCON 2009 invitation soundtrack
02. Xerxes - Jackpot
03. Agoston - Female 64k intro soundtrack
04. Teo - Junebug
05. tEiS - 4Cl4ry
06. Sinatra - Electric gumpop
07. Traymuss - Ne Gra Fia
08. Fcr - Cubolator soundtrack
09. Cardinal - Wayang soundtrack
10. Traymuss - Balladine soundtrack
11. Slyspy - Lice
12. SP - Drowning
13. Gargaj - Fractured impulse monolithic (SceneCON compo cut)
14. Slyspy - Rhythm soundtrack

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Lenght: 43:33min.

Apr 19, 2009

Podcast #39 - Breakpoint 2009 compo tunes

Hello and welcome to the 39th episode of Hardread Podcast!
Today we present you a selection of Breakpont 2009 compo tunes, including Newschool/Oldschool exe, Tracked and Stream compo entries.
Have fun!

01. Xander Pills and The Illusion Orchestra - Hermine (Stream)
02. DJ Joge - Excubitorium (Breakpoint rough'n'dirty cut) (Oldschool exe)
03. Fegolhuzz - Pimp my wheelchair (Tracked)
04. Factor6 - Piggypoo (Oldschool exe)
05. AceMan - Over control (Oldschool exe)
06. Gargaj - Distant sweet horizon (Newschool exe)
07. Skyrunner - I want to be like Chris! (Newschool exe)
08. Wayfinder - The dreaming void (Stream)
09. Teo - Captain Cosmos (Stream)
10. Reed - Jools (Newschool exe)
11. Romeo Knight - TheSongThatWasPlayed_LiveYesterdayEvening (Stream)
12. Shaman vs. Pasy - You're my extasy

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Lenght: 42:45min.

Apr 15, 2009

Podcast #38 - Breakpoint 2009 demo/intro tunes

Breakpoint 2009 is over now, it was a great party with great releases (erhm... almost...do you remember the PC democompo...?).
Today's podcast episode is a selection of demo and introtunes released at BP2009.
Next episode with music competition entries will follow in a few days, so be prepared!

01. Maytz - Luminagia soundtrack (Amiga 4k intro)
02. Booster - Sult soundtrack (PC 4k intro)
03. Chromag - The white room soundtrack (PC 64k intro)
04. Xerxes - On base percentage (PC demo)
05. Bit Arts - No more tomorrow (PC demo)
06. Puryx - Elevated soundtrack (PC 4k intro)
07. Chaser - Lightshaft soundtrack (Amiga demo)
08. Sincl - Conscoius of blue (PC demo)
09. Oliver Beach - PC03 Panda trance part 1. (PC demo)
10. Oliver Beach - PC03 Panda trance part 2. (PC demo)
11. Traymuss - Crush soundtrack (PC demo)
12. Puryx - Sonoluminescence (PC demo)
13. Takomo - Mobula - Biostris soundtrack (PC demo)
14. Slyspy - Vanfin - Freedom from state (PC demo)
15. Esau, Zickbone, Lance - Jesus Christ motocross (Amiga demo)

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Lenght: 45:42min.

Mar 24, 2009

Podcast #37 - We are NOT Milli Vanilli

Today we present you "Pohar's random picks of 2008 part I." episode.
And don't forget: We are NOT Milli Vanilli! ;)

01. KEiTO - Groove slut (unfinished desperate whore mix)
02. Corky - Italy's cool
03. Saga Musix - Timelord (Sundown Edit)
04. Kaneel - Douce tendre haine
05. mrwb - Lost in action
06. DC Clark - Sky phenomena
07. S Wave - Awaken
08. Stian K - Nostalgy
09. Shroomi - Facemelt
10. Doctor Retroid - Android girl
11. ko0x - Longrun (Sundown edit)

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Lenght: 42:43min.

Feb 24, 2009

Podcast #36 - C64 SIDtunes only

The story of this episode:
Some weeks ago Clarence gave me a pack (~650 tunes) of his favourite C64 music. I listened to them today and found a lot of good old demotunes. I remember when i was 11-12 years old i listened to them a lot in various demoscene productions. My day went nostalgic, sometimes i wanted to shout "yeah, this is from demo 'xxxxx' and that is from 'yyyyy'!!!"...
Now i want to share this feeling with you.

I created a playlist and downloaded the tunes from SOASC. Well, Stone Oakvalley did a great job, he recorded all music from HVSC! Thank you for that!
SID versions are marked in the playlist, sometimes i used the SID which recommended by HVSC, sometimes i changed to the other chip (because my ears told me to do that)

01. Kristian, Elvind and Kjell - Gravefunk (6581R2)
02. The Syndrom - Cosmic style (8580R5)
03. Chubrock - Pulsar (8580R5)
04. Laxity - Waste III (6581R2)
05. Mixer - Hellraiser (6581R2)
06. Matrix - Sky Dance (8580R5)
07. Iron Cat - Enigma/PHA theme (6581R2)
08. Geir Tjelta and Trond Lindanger - Luminous (6581R2)
09. Metal - Tongil (8580R5)
10. Zardax - Zardax_03 (6581R2)
11. Eclipse - Void Tune 1 (8580R5)
12. Wizard - Powerful (8580R5)
13. Mitch and Dane - Archangel (8580R5)
14. Dane - Dalai (8580R5)
15. Drax - Pianoodle (6581R2)

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Lenght: 34:13min.

Feb 2, 2009

Podcast #35 - Happy new february

Here we go again, with the first podcast episode of 2009.
Quickly selected trancey-uplifting tunes with hot spicy flavour.

01. Bionika by Teo
02. Mr. Light by Chaser
03. Let's fly (Skyhigh)by BeeZerk
04. iksatgaydisco by Rebb
05. Rush by DaFunk
06. Temptation soundtrack by Vincenzo
07. 604 soundtrack by SynSun
08. Microdots by Man with no Alias

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Lenght: 33:29min.

Dec 24, 2008


We Wish You A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!
Listen to more great podcast episodes in the new year! ;P

Hardread Podcast Team

Dec 11, 2008

Podcast #34 - Compotunes from 2008 - part 2

Here we go now, second part of 2008 compo tunes is ready to download.

01. Safari bomber by Hansee
02. Do it right by Ierker
03. Ever after by Willbe
04. Candylip by Starlight Project
05. Oldskooltrance by Buzzer
06. Night raider by Teel
07. Blue bay (Radio vocal edit) by Malmen vs Thiborg
08. Megablast by Kalachnikov
09. Gone with the storm by Cons

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Lenght: 34:39min.